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Véronique Cloutier thanks you

Veronique Cloutier

My little sister Stephanie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two weeks before her ninth birthday. So I was quickly introduced to the diabetes universe and all the vocabulary that comes with: blood glucose, insulin, injections…

My relationship with the Foundation is a natural and obvious one.

My sister is now 38 years old. She is the mother of a beautiful girl aged 9. She’s healthy, beautiful, bright. And she even eats a small dessert occasionally (shh!)

I want to bring, very humbly, my support, empathy and understanding but also my hope and optimism in front of this disease and the fate of these children who have it.

Thank you to the Diabetic Children’s Foundation for everything she did for them but also to YOU for your great generosity!



Support diabetic children, you too


Photo: Véronique Cloutier’s official website