The generosity of the Bello family

Touched by his granddaughter’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Mr. Bello and his family generously organized a unique event: “Hand in hand community for children with diabetes“, on April 8th, at Le Plateau auditorium in Montreal.

It is through events like this and the commitment of families such as the Bello Family that Fred has opportunities to offer support, comfort, acknowledgement and a network of parents and children who share the same challenges, every day, without any respite. Fred also allows more than 300 children to experience an unforgettable journey at Camp Carowanis during summer.



We warmly thank the Bello Family, the members of the organizing committee, every person who was present at the event, each and every one of the generous donors, each artist and each person who testified it. We also thank Correiro da Manhã Canada, Azores Airlines, Mr. Antonio Belas and Mr. Manuel Ribeiro for their presence at the event and their financial contribution.

THANK YOU for demystifying type 1 diabetes. THANK YOU for giving encouragement and a chance to children and teenagers living with type 1 diabetes to fulfill their dreams.




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