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Join us for 1 Type of Generosity

Dear friend of Fred,

You are the 1 TYPE that is special to us. As we all now feel, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us how precious and wonderful it is for all us to be alive.

We are excited to say that Fred and Camp CAROWANIS ARE ALSO ALIVE and continue to perform essential work. Our trailblazing virtual fundraiser, entitled 1 TYPE OF GENEROSITY, has just gone live!

Please go to charidy.com/fred to join in the magic of helping diabetic children and teens and their families live better lives by addressing the unique daily challenges of being diagnosed and living with Type 1 Diabetes in the province of Quebec.

While the world has many types of people, there is only 1 TYPE OF GENEROSITY, the type that makes our world a better place, particularly for children and families entering a new struggle with Juvenile Diabetes.

Today, more than any period in recent times, our diabetic children are particularly vulnerable. The unprecedented COVID-19 situation generated much isolation for parents who rely on community support outside of the medical system. As a result, this extraordinary tension and stress are impacting the family dynamics. Children and their parents managing their diabetes struggle alone can face depression when they have no one to communicate with. This is why Fred provides psychological support and organizes mental health counseling. This is only one example of the importance of the foundation and Camp Carowanis who provides families with a crucial break, in addition to informational support, and resources at all times, all across the province.

As all of our traditional annual fundraising efforts, including our Golf Classic, have been canceled due to COVID-19, the only way for us to help those with Type 1 Diabetes to stay healthy, secure and positive is with your TYPE OF GENEROSITY.  This is why we need your help now so that Fred can directly and immediately help these children and their families – particularly those who are being newly diagnosed every single day.

Your support is vital to the to the diabetic community in every corner of Quebec, particularly in the most isolated of regions.

Please go to charidy.com/fred to help us reach our $250,000 goal. Every dollar you give will be doubled by our generous matchers. If you give $100 Fred receives $200!

Thank you for giving. Thank you for sharing.💕💕

Thank you for being part of and helping our beautiful community.