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Janie, her Type 1 Diabetes and her Carowanis

Photo credit : Skydiving is a real passsion for Janie!

On February 5th, 1997, at the age of 5, our director of Camp Carowanis, Janie Bédard, also know as Shamane, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Indeed, her life was going to change forever … but for the better!

Yes, Janie had to overcome countless obstacles during those years. Yes, there were hard times, the inevitable controlling of hypos and hypers, frightening moments, but moments that still made Janie the extraordinary young woman that blossomed into who she is today!

As Janie says so well, Camp Carowanis has also played a big role throughout all these years! Camp had become Janie’s second home- and still is today! From her first stay at camp, Janie has developed autonomy with her diabetes and has gained much more confidence in herself, all whilst having fun and creating very close bonds with other campers her age … who are still part of her entourage!

Today, Janie wishes she could console the little five-year-old girl she was, telling her not to worry because following her diagnosis, she will live the greatest most beautiful adventure.

Therefore, do not hesitate to register your child or teenager at Camp Carowanis. Participating in a camp session will be an unforgettable adventure for your little one!


As of February 21st, the details for registration* will be available.


* No registration is refused for financial reasons.