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Going back to school: What you should know

The deconfinement is on its way. Primary schools and daycares are about to open. Many parents are wondering whether they should send their children to school.

There are many things to consider before making a decision.

Quebec’s government has given recommendations for students  with health issues such as a chronical disease and suggested not to go back to school for now.

What about T1D children?

Sainte-Justine Diabetes clinic ‘s medical team has taken a position and states that young T1Ds are not more at risk than other children. Hence, the team recommends to follow the guidelines of public health for this matter.

Here is an overview of the questions you may have, as a parent, and some advice to help you through this move.

1. Is my child more at risk than other kids?

According to the scientific data and the experience in China and Italy, young healthy diabetic children with a well-controlled diabetes, are NOT more likely to get the virus than other kids. Neither are they more at risk of developing any complication.

If the diabetes is not well-controlled or if the child has kidney or heart issues, then the risk might be higher.


2. Which precautions may I take?

a. If my child goes back to school and I am going back to work

For yourself:

It is important to follow at work the guidelines of the cnesst.

Once you are back, it is important not to touch any surface until you have thoroughly washed your hands with mild water and soap for 20 seconds.

For your child:

Going back to school should not be stressful. It is important to explain to your child that he will see his teacher and friends however there will be new ways to learn and play. It is important to present the situation as an opportunity for him to be creative and to share his ideas for a safe way to learn and play.

Once he comes back home, never forget to wash the hands.


b. If my child goes back to school however I am still confined at home

It is important to explain to your child that if he can go back to school and you cannot go back to work, it is because the safety measures are ready there for him but they are on their way for you. Your child feels it when you are worried. Reassure him. Explain to him that the risks are minimal for him while safety measures are observed. It is important for him not to be anxious while going back to school.


3. What should I do if my child is infected?

Your child is NOT more likely to get to virus than another child. However, should that happen, it is important to watch, as for any virus, symptoms, and check more often his blood sugar. It is important to watch hyperglycemia (>15) and ketones to avoid any risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. Call your medical team immediately if you are unsure of what you should do and above all GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR if your child is not feeling well.


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