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Fred’s supper-meeting of the fall

Fun for the children, sharing for parents

Over a dozen children playing and laughing highlighted the success of our supper-meeting of the fall. It was also a wonderful way of celebrating Sofia’s birthday. Recently diagnosed, the young girl just turned nine and met, thanks to the event, a new friend, Nour, diabetic as well.

Several friendships were initiated during that event that gathered boys and girls aged from 4 to 9 years old. A 16 years old teenager, recently diagnosed, also had a chance to be heard while taking advantage of useful advice.

This supper-meeting allowed parents to connect and share while discussing with Fred and camp Carowanis’ team members, which encouraged a few parents to sign their children up for camp next summer. Several families will meet again at Fred’s next activity, which is the Xmas party on November 24th.

These moments filled with sharing and fun show the importance of meeting together for the children and their parents, no matter whether dealing with diabetes is new to them or not.