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Families’ Symposium: When solidarity makes the day

Few events really matter in the day-to-day journey of a family who’s coping with Type 1 Diabetes’ challenges. Or even to researchers at the university who are so busy with their studies.

What about nutritionists who need to elaborate a new diet and set new eating habits for so many patients every day?

Or even to pharmaceuticals busy designing new technologies?


Nevertheless, on June 8, 2019, something magical happened.

It was a fine day. The weather was warm, it was the first real summer day of the year, as if it was a sign. And we could feel it. There was sharing in the air, the fulfillment of giving and commitment.

On that day, FRED’s Families’ Symposium was being held. This annual event aims to help families with diabetic children know more about their child’s diabetes, learn about the advances of research, get to see new technologies to maintain blood sugar within the right range and collect explanations.

Nothing unusual, would you say.

Except that, everyone could feel in the air a special sense of solidarity and commitment that all participants shared: parents, lecturers, sponsors, FRED and the Camp’s teams and of course the volunteers.

As everyone had come to give a little bit to this event:

  • An assistant professor at the School of Human Nutrition, McGill University, while still on maternity leave, came for a lecture on the advances of research and the launching of the Better project.
  • A nutritionist of the diabetes clinic of Ste-Justine had prepared a tasting and a draw to make her workshop on nutrition more fun.
  • A researcher of McGill University had stayed for the summer at the camp to make observations and present her conclusions.
  • A mother who shared with everyone what she went through with her diabetic child to explain how she ended up collaborating with big organizations such as the Canadian Group of Endocrinology and Diabetes Canada on a huge project such as establishing protocols for diabetes at school.
  • Pharmaceuticals such as Medtronic who sent onsite representatives and sponsored the event.
  • Volunteers who came to help either for logistics or to assist the entertainers during the activities of the younger ones.

And FRED, itself, with its team, who was there to support the families, playing a key role by helping them get in touch with the research team to better support the fight against Type 1 diabetes.


A whole bunch of people who decided on a beautiful Saturday of June to go to Carowanis to score against children’s diabetes. Different people fighting the same fight.