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Celebrating the magic of Christmas with Fred

Holiday spirit was all about sharing

Almost 300 people, adults and children, were present in the festive atmosphere of the iSaute trampoline centre on Sunday, November 24, for Fred‘s Christmas party.

This year, there was an unseen number of families that came to celebrate the magic of Christmas with Fred. This party is both a tradition and a unique opportunity to have fun with the family, and to meet people experiencing the same challenges. Children and teens were enjoying themselves altogether while an activity helped parents get to know each other. Due to this common experience, the families can build a network while youngsters feel no longer lonely.

Every single detail was well taken care off by Fred. Members of the BETTER team were onsite to explain the project and the purpose of building a database. Representatives from Medtronic, Ascensia and Dexcom were there to inform the families about diabetes management technologies.  Camp Carowanis’ staff came over to talk about the camp’s activities and inform the parents about registration. Last but not least, there was a conference about how to manage diabetes with sports that many parents found quite interesting. Many parents were chatting together while others were escalating or jumping on trampolines to encourage their children like the elves.

As for the young ones, they were jumping wildly either in the soft cube pools or on trampolines. Glucoman was there, of course, wearing its Fred T.Shirt and new cape. He looked awesome while heading to bring Santa for the traditional handing over of the gifts.

That Sunday November 24th, one thought was on everyone’s mind: the happy look on 121 children’s faces while jumping. That day, the true spirit of Christmas was all about sharing.

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