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Camp Carowanis says Thank You

Lions at the camp

On Saturday, May 25, Camp Carowanis was hosting the Chores Day of Lachute Lions Club. This year, they were assisted by their peers from both the clubs of Beauharnois and Sainte-Thérèse.

Coordinated by the Lions André Gauthier, Bernard Cyr and Roger Lapointe, this annual meeting has been held for over 20 years now, gathering saw chain passionate people!
As nature has been particularly violent in the Carowanis forest this winter, there was lots of hard work to do and the Lions generously volunteered their services to saw, cut, and load wood logs.

Always a big fan of Carowanis, André Gauthier and his partner Denise, are hard at work and always willing to do more for the camp.

Thanks to these incredible, talented volunteers, lots of hard work could be done in the kitchen/dining room Ross Hall and at the nursing station Belmonte.

They have sawed, strengthened, cleaned while they did care and wanted to make the campers’ stay unforgettable and safe.

On behalf of all our campers, thank you so much! I would also like to thank our maintenance team and especially Diane Merette, André Pedneault and Louis-Charles Perreault.
Thank you Luigi for sharing so generously with our friends the Lions your vision of the camp and its achievements with the campers-young and older.