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Carowanis equals fun, autonomy and confidence!

During the summer of 2006, Mathieu was a 15-year-old teenager.
In order to get his mind off things, he decided to spend time at his aunt’s house.
This is indeed what happened, but also, rather unexpectedly …

Mathieu suddenly does not feel like his usual self.
He knows that something is wrong… his body is sending him unusual signals.
Throughout the day, he guzzles many glasses of water, yet his thirst is never satisfied.
He is also always finding himself rushing to the bathroom.
His urge to urinate so often and his undying thirst are so intense and lead him to the hospital …

A few hours later, Mathieu was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.
When Mathieu found out the news, he was under the impression thousands of pounds of rocks were falling on his shoulders.
“Type 1 Diabetes? What is it? Why me? “.
Mathieu, who was in the middle of a typical teenage crisis, found that his first few years of living with Type 1 Diabetes were quite difficult, even complicated.
He had to modify his eating habits and his everyday teenage behaviors.

Fortunately, a lucky star was shining over Mathieu one day at school.
It all happened when the secretary of Mathieu’s high school was talking to him about Camp Carowanis.
That is when the fun started!
He decided to meet with the camp Head Nurse to learn more about Camp Carowanis.
A few months later, at his very first session at Camp Carowanis, Mathieu had to learn how to manage his diabetes.

Today, Mathieu will be attending his 12th summer at Camp Carowanis!
He started out as a camper, then became a Kitchen Helper, a camp counsellor, a Group Leader, a Coordinator, and this summer he will officially be the Assistant Director of Camp Carowanis!
Mathieu says that he has a lot of trouble imagining the day he would have to leave camp …
Carowanis is his second family.
Thanks to camp, he has learned how to manage his Type 1 Diabetes and gain self-esteem. And of course, it is with his camp comrades and the big Camp Carowanis family that he has made amazing friendships and bonds that cannot be broken!

Mathieu is proud of himself. We are proud of him!
Mathieu will never give up.
He asks all young people living with diabetes to do follow his footsteps – to always believe in yourself and your dreams!

This summer, Mathieu invites children and teens to spend a session at Camp Carowanis, in order to experience the magic that everyone is talking about, the constant pleasure and above all, to improve their self-esteem in regards to their Type 1 Diabetes.




* No registration is refused for financial reasons.