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At Beacon Hill Elementary, it is all about sharing despite pandemic and distancing

$525 were collected to benefit Fred’s children for Halloween

The health crisis and Public Health measures restrictions made it impossible to hold Fred’s traditional Halloween piggy boxes.

However, for Beacon Hill Elementary’s students , there was no way they would give up their commitment to the cause of children with diabetes.

This year, to celebrate Halloween in spite of the situation, the students were allowed to come to school in costume and used the opportunity to generously fundraise for Freds diabetic children.

Beacon Hill Elementary School has been involved in the cause for 10 years now. The movement, initiated by the mother of a student with type 1 diabetes, has since been maintained by a school official who has taken up the torch. She knows how necessary and beneficial Fred‘s support programs are for children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and their families. Thanks to her and the generosity of the students, the spirit of sharing is alive and well at Beacon Hill Elementary.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!