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The Pamir Mountains – Lenin Peak
Photo credit: André Besner


André has arrived safely on land …and he is doing great!

After meeting his trip guide, the itinerary was changed. In André’s own words : ”The success of this event consists in going from base camp to camp 1, taking a day off to undergo an unpacked adaptation hike in order to facilitate the upcoming journey when we are going to camp 2. Another break day, adaptation walk and then we climb camp 3 at 6100 m.  All this takes 7 days to complete. The day after camp 3, we come back to where we are now and we take a 3 days break. Later, we hike the mountain again and after camp 3, we aim the peak.  We have a two-day window.”.

Good news! Since André is equipped with a geolocation system, we can trace him by checking the altitude and elevation data here: http://fms.ws/lfOjq/39.47706N/72.91512E.

Obviously, the data can change according to his journey progress.

We strongly invite you to follow André Besner’s journey details and to check his photos on his Facebook page!