Financial assistance for the integration of children with disabilities in childcare centres

Because of diabetes, the integration of a child with type 1 diabetes requires adaptation to his or her condition and follow-up in a daycare setting. His organic deficiency would make him eligible for the exceptional integration support measure.

This measure will provide hours of support.

Generally, the first call is made in the summer. The subsidy is based on the attendance of the 59 months and less old child  up to a maximum of 261 days for a CPE and daycare center.

The maximum number of support hours to be sought is 8 hours per day.

To take advantage of it, it will be necessary to provide :

Useful Documents:

Information Guide-Support Request (available in French only)

Guide to integration (available in French only)

Memory Aid (available in French only)

Professional’s report

Where to Apply for the Exceptional Measure to Support Integration (available in French only)