Good to know

Going back to school with a diabetic child raises many questions.

Who should be involved in monitoring the student’s diabetes and what are his or her roles and responsibilities?

It should be noted that diabetes in schools is the responsibility of two very different bodies: the Ministry of Health, whose mandate is to ensure the health of the child, and the Ministry of Education, which must create winning conditions for the child’s academic success. In fact, the resource person who ensures the transition and who is responsible for monitoring the child’s diabetes is the school nurse.

This is why, in many cases, it is best to contact the nurse immediately to prepare the child’s return to school. This will allow for the development of a case plan and a list of all situations that may arise, as well as the training of staff who will be in contact with the child.

How to proceed

It is recommended that the nurse be put in contact with the medical team caring for the child so that they can be trained on the particular situation of the child for whom they will be responsible. This in turn will enable them to train the designated people who will be in contact with the child.


Fred ‘s Tip

In some cases, parents will have to help train school staff at the beginning of the year. You’ll find tools to help explain type 1 diabetes to school staff and how to identify a potentially at-risk condition, such as: a diabetes glossary, a list of most frequent discomforts and symptoms . It is also recommended to involve the child and get him or her ready to go back to school.