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Holidays 101 Guide for a T1D Family

How to enjoy swimming when you are T1D

Are you ready for the hot summer days?

Experience safely the joy of winter with your young diabetic 

Your teen, his drinking and you

Should you have interesting or useful information to share, please contact us. Other parents may benefit from it.

Resources for families

  • New diagnose kit

This kit, designed for families whose child has recently been diagnosed, explains to parents the mission of the foundation. Including a welcome message for the family, it offers tips and tools to help manage diabetes in their daily lives. It also presents recipes and lists the government assistance measures available at the provincial and federal levels. It also introduces Camp Carowanis, a specialized summer camp for young diabetics aged 7 to 16. It is a practical guide offered in a user-friendly format that makes it a little easier for the family to tame the new dynamic.

At school 

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