Being the only foundation that takes care of type 1 diabetic children, teens and their families in the province of Quebec, comes with its share of responsibilities. FRED is proud to support education and information projects related to healthcare in pediatric diabetes.

The BETTER Project: Better Prevent Hypoglycemia

The Better project, supervized by Dr Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, endocrinologist at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute and his team, is about collecting information to study how DT1 patients experience the hypoglycemia process in order to better control it and even reduce its frequency.

If you have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and you live in Quebec, we invite you to answer our questionnaire.



Your child has been diagnosed with DT1: What about the follow-up process?

Laval University is currently leading a research project regarding the care process and services related to DT1. Hence, a survey is being broadcasted online, in the whole province among diabetic children’s families to analyze the follow-up process on a long-term basis. This survey will help determine whether actual services are well adapted to the parents’ needs with the hop of improving the situation.



Research Project on Type 1 Diabetes and the External Artificial Pancreas

A McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) research project is presently on to optimize an insulin dosing system logic and make the artificial pancreas a reality.

If your child has a Type 1 Diabetes condition and you live on the Montreal Island, your participation will be highly appreciated.

To know more about this study


Are you turning 18? Would you like to become a research hero?

A new study by the name of GET-IT is currently underway. It involves an educational group for young people, whose objective is to prepare young people with type 1 diabetes to approach adulthood more easily.
To participate, please contact Dr. Merenda Nakhla’s team at 438.349.9762 or by email at

Were you diagnosed a year or more ago and think that your life isn’t the same anymore? Talk about it and help research

The purpose of this study is to better understand what you are experiencing and the skills you are developing to deal with it.
To participate, simply contact:
or call 581.235.5910.

Have you been diagnosed and feel ready to learn how to manage your diabetes?

A project on self-care decision making in adolescents with type 1 diabetes in Quebec City is underway at Laval University. For more information and to register, click on the following link: