Scotiabank 2021 Caritative Challenge: An inclusive virtual race

Run for Kids Living with Type 1 Diabetes in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge!

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The 2021 edition of the Scotia Challenge kicks off.

For the second year in a row, the Scotia Challenge offers an inclusive virtual formula that allows you to stay fit and surpass yourself, despite the constraints, while supporting Fred.

The challenge will go as follows:

Registrations will take place on the Race Roster platform starting on January 26, 2021..

The selection of distances for the 2021 event are as follows:

  • 21km
  • 10km
  • 5km
  • 1km – Course des enfants
  • Le tour du Chapeau (The Hat Trick) – 21km, 10km et 5km

The participant must complete the selected distance between Friday, April 23 and Monday, June 14, 2021. . The challenge can be done by running in your neighbourhood, in a park, on a trail that inspires you. We suggest that you form family bubble teams either for training or for the day of the challenge.

While subscribing, you need to select Fred among charities. $5 will be donated to the foundation, automatically.

Create on the platform your fundraising campaign.

Ask your friends, colleagues, contacts and relatives to support you in your efforts by contributing to your fundraising campaign.
Once you have registered, you will receive everything you need to proudly identify yourself as a member of Fred.

You will also receive your training jersey and medal in the mail.

Follow our publications for training advice.

Thank you for supporting our children!

Get your running shoes on!

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Your subscription fees will be reimbursed as soon as you raise double the amount.

There is more:

Allow a child to experience an unforgettable stay at Camp Carowanis

As soon as you raise $3000, you offer a two-week stay to a diabetic child aged 7 to 16 years old, in a specialized summer camp.

Get a chance to win a stay in a resort *

Raise $5000 and get a chance to receive as a price a stay in a resort to relax in a relaxing setting.

Surprise and fun for the children

That is not all. There are also surprises for the children who will go running.

Send us your pictures and get a chance to receive an ALLDAY Pass at iSaute.* (Some conditions apply) (Some conditions apply)

* Subject to modification upon Public HealthCare guidelines.


I’m the mom of a T1D who’s now 21 years old. Her life has changed with camp Carowanis. Since she was diagnosed, I have been involved with the foundation’s activities. My first involvement started 6 years ago with Scotiabank Challenge while I ran a half-marathon. Since then, I’ve been trying to do it every year. This year, the challenge had to be reviewed and was made in a virtual way. On the day of the race, […] I really didn’t feel like running, however I thought about my daughter who needs to manage her diabetes whether she feels like it or not. I started running and in the end, I really had fun.

Julie, mother of a 21 years old T1D daughter. Julie has achieved the 21 Km race at Scotiabank virtual Challenge in 2020