Halloween: Chart of Carbohydrates

Ready to go trick-or-treating?

The days are getting shorter and the trees are starting to lose their leaves. Grey clouds darken the sky and the streets are soggy.

No doubt about it. Fall has arrived and Halloween awaits our little wizards.

But, did you check the magic formula before letting them loose in the neighborhood to knock on doors and fill up on candy and jelly beans?

Wondering what that is?

Yes, it is! You guessed it.

Here’s what you need:


Skittles – Original Fruits  1 pack  14 g 
Skittles – Sour 1 pack 14g 
Starburst – Original Fruits  1 pack  8g 
Staburst – Deli-rouge  1 paquet  8g 


Maynards – Sour patch kids  1 pack  12g 
Maynards – Swedish Fish  1 pack 12g 
Maynards – Swedish Berries  1 pack 12g 
Maynards – Fuzzy Peach  1 pack 12g 

Chocolat Nestle – Coffee Crips  1 bar  8g 
Chocolat Nestle – Smarties  1 box 8g 
Chocolat Nestle – Kit-Kat  1 bar 8g 
Chocolat Nestle – Aero  1 bar 5g 


Mott’s fruitsations 1 pack 19g






Rockets 1 roll 7g




Jolly Rancher 1 piece 9g



Cheetos Crunchy 1 bag 10g
Doritos 1 bag 10g
Cheetos Flamin Hot 1 bag 8g
Funyuns 1 bag 8g
Cheetos Puffs 1 bag 8g
Lays Classic 1 bag 6g