Fred’s 2019 Halloween Campaign

Small boxes with great ambitions

For the past 12 years, dozens of schools throughout Quebec have chosen to support our cause on Halloween night. Since the beginning of this great adventure, over $125,000 have been raised in support of our cause.

And every year since Halloween fundraising campaigns were initiated, new schools follow suit with the involvement of parents, friends and members of the school staff.

Would you like your child’s school to take part in this great project?

Simply contact your school’s administration or School Board and ask them to fill out the following registration form and letter. The Board or yourself can send it back to us.

Registration Form

Letter for the School Board

Your participation in this project could make the difference for hundreds of children attending the camp each year.


A Fred Halloween box that resembles you

When you will receive your Fred Halloween boxes, invite the children to color the drawings in order to personalize it. The assembling instructions are quite simple while watching the following video:


And remember:

Keep safe for Halloween night.