World Diabetes Day


2018 theme: Family and Diabetes

The theme for the 2018 edition of World Diabetes Day is “Family and Diabetes.” When children feel their family is united and really cares about their problems, it increases their well-being and outweighs the burden of daily treatments.

Adopting the right approach as a parent may seem difficult, but it’s better to be a bit too caring than too distant. Did you know that studies have shown that the more involved parents are, the easier it is to manage the disease?

To mark World Diabetes Day and show their solidarity, parents and children are invited to wear something blue — sweater, jeans, scarf, tie — to support the cause. Will you join us?

An event aimed at demystifying diabetes

Held by the International Diabetes Federation and backed by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Diabetes Day is the biggest global diabetes awareness campaign. The cause has been celebrated each year since 2007 on November 14, in honour of Frederick Banting, born on that day. Along with Charles Best, Banting was the co-discoverer of insulin.

Since 1921, thanks to Banting and Best, diabetic children and adults with type 1 diabetes have been able to live with the disease. Nothing makes it okay for a child, teen or other loved one to be ill. But we can do something about it and learn to control diabetes as best as possible. Thanks to incredible high-tech breakthroughs, we now have tools that were unimaginable just 20 years ago. Astronomical amounts are invested in research, and hope is real.

On November 14, take a minute to celebrate the stubborn and inspired researchers whose work means that children, teens and adults with type 1 diabetes are part of our lives and amaze us with their spirit, achievements and discipline.