Halloween : Win a chance to have Glucoman at your doorstep for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner however it seems irrealistic to send out the children for trick or treat in the actual conditions of COVID-19.

How disappointing for the kids !

Fred is suggesting a solution.

What if Glucoman could come to drop candies by your place on October 31st * ?

Glucoman and social distancing

Our mascot Glucoman may come by, to your place, with his elf, always complying to social distancing guidelines.

He will ring the bell and drop a bag of candies on the porch.

He will stay away from the door and keep more than the requested distance to say hi to the children.

We will take some pictures if you want to.

What is in the candy bag?

There will be no trace of peanut in the bag.

A list of the candies with the exact count of carbohydrates for every candy will be indicated in each bag.

How to participate

For a chance to have Glucoman come by**, please fill out the following form before Wednesday October 28:


If you are among the winners, we will be contacting you to confirm your participation and establish the time for our mascot to drop by.

*Please note that Fred complies to Public Health guidelines regarding travelling restrictions between regions and in the actual conditions, some areas might not be covered. 

 **Subject to cancellation upon Public Health directions.