2020 Summer Program

CAROWANIS +, a fun, interactive and flexible program for our campers!

Because Carowanis goes way beyond the shores of lac Didi…

As you already know, our regular program for summer 2020 had to be cancelled because of the ongoing pandemic. However, we, at camp Carowanis, believe that our families and especially our campers deserve the best no matter what and that they shouldn’t have to wait for 2021 to experience the magic of camp Carowanis again.

This special program will offer you Carowanis’ classics, such as ours big game during evening and activities, in the comfort of your own home. This program will be led by your counselors, which you all have come to know and love.

The goal of this program is absolutely not for your children to be stuck in front of a screen all day; it is the opposite. Our intention is to offer many challenges and activities that can be done at home so that your children can show us the outcome of their efforts afterwards. This program was built to offer as much flexibility and liberty as possible for our campers and their family because we know that juggling work and family in the time of a pandemic can be a real challenge. That is why this program was designed to make this uncommon situation a little bit easier for our campers and to give a much-deserved rest to their parents. The campers will be able to choose when and where they will be doing the activities, since they will have access to the content of the two weeks program from the start.

Summer 2020 Program

Our programming will be similar to our regular program, with activities such as:

  • Art projects
  • Culinary workshops
  • Team activities
  • Dances et songs
  • Adventures and trips
  • Photography
  • Sweet talks
  • And much more

Every night, we will offer optional live activities for our campers and their family and friends. For example, these live sessions could include:

  • Campfires
  • Sing-Song
  • Square dance
  • Council
  • Overnights
  • Special presentations with guests

We’re also preparing many surprises for you, such as themed meals that we could all share together, as we usually do in the Ross Hall.

We are excited and motivated to keep the magic of Camp Carowanis alive through Carowanis+ !


Our box « Together, no matter the distance! »  will include:

  • Camp T-shirt : 2020 edition
  • Material for different activities
  • Many surprises with the camp logo
  • Equipment to participate in the campfires
  • Personnal message adressed to the camper
  • And more

One of the most important goals at Camp Carowanis is to make sure that every camper has the opportunity of making and maintaining unique connections and friendships, of supporting each other through adversity and to be able to understand each other, because we know that living with type one diabetes isn’t always easy. We know that together we will always be stronger!

Carowanis +

 2 weeks program (12 days), from july 13th to July 24th 2020

Cost : $150 ($50 non refundable)

Register before june 24th to ensure delivery of the box before the start of the program.

Please feel free to contact Janie Bédard for further information or if you have any questions by email at jbedard@campcarowanis.ca or by calling her cellphone


Registration to Carowanis +:

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If you don’t already have an account, please make one or select the program Carowanis+ and fill out the form.

See you soon!