Achieving Optimal Health

The Diabetic Children’s Foundation plays an active role in the wellbeing of Type 1 diabetic children and their families as it seeks to develop and support educational projects and information sessions dealing with pediatric diabetes care. It is a strong advocate of optimal healthcare services for diabetic children in Quebec.

With the help of its healthcare professionals, parents and partners, the Foundation organizes Symposiums for parents and healthcare professionals in different regions of Quebec. It also supports government and research programs related to childhood diabetes.

T1D Discovery Corner
Geared towards families with type 1 diabetic children.

Professional Symposium
Geared towards physicians, nurses, researchers, social workers and other professionals who wish to learn more about healthcare for young insulin-dependent diabetics and stay up to date with recent breakthroughs in pediatrics, pediatric endocrinology and diabetology.

Insulin pump program
A joint initiative involving various groups and professionals interested in pediatric diabetes. Learn more about the reimbursement program that was created in 2011.

Research support
The pillar on which the Foundation and Camp Carowanis have based their commitment to improve the conditions of the type 1 diabetic community in Quebec. As an example of its support, the Foundation provided logistical support for the artificial pancreas research project conducted at Camp Carowanis in the Summer of 2014.