I will always remember the day when Janie was born. She had such a cute little face with so many freckles and a little frown that ended up to be a playful smile. A perfect little girl. When she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I could not believe it. She was just five years old. Luckily, we found out about Fred and, today, Janie is a beautiful adult, always positive about the future. What’s left from her childhood? Her playfulness.   

Thank you Fred 💕

Claire, mother of Janie

Like Janie, other diabetic children are waiting to discover Fred.

Thank you for helping them!


Why should you donate?

In Quebec, it is estimated that there are more than 4,000 children living with Type 1 diabetes. With their families, they need to cope with diabetes daily challenges: injections, all the disorders related to their condition, fear and loneliness just to name those.

Our children’s needs are numerous. There is no break with diabetes. And we always want to do more for them. Hence your donations are priceless.

During the crisis, new needs arise

While we are living in a stressful period, new needs arise, such as seeking information regarding the virus and potential complications. It is also important to make sure that there will be no shortage in diabetes medical supplies.

Emotional distress is increasing. The child is stressed, so are his parents and brothers and sisters. Diabetic children and teens are feeling even lonelier.

Fred needs to address all those needs and requests, either now or during the following weeks and months depending on the situation.

Taking up concrete actions and offering ongoing support

Fred undertakes many actions to reassure the families and ensure their well-being during this crisis:

  • Ensuring a close follow up with pharmaceuticals regarding medical supplies for Type 1 diabetes
  • Offering psychological help for children and parents with mental health professionals
  • Bringing to families medical advice and recommendations
  • Organizing virtual encounters and activities
  • Sending out information to families

Not mentioning summer camp stays at Camp Carowanis. We want to make sure that many children will benefit from a stay at the camp when everything will get back to normal.

Hence each and every penny is important so the foundation may finance the needs of our youngsters’ specific situations.

All our actions are aiming towards the well-being of our young diabetics and their families.

Thank you for helping them smile again 🙂 

Online Donation

Give a 2-week stay at Camp Carowanis

Thank you for helping us show thousands of Quebec families with diabetic children and teens that they are not alone.


The facts

  • Type 1 diabetes remains incurable and unpredictable
  • While more than 4,000 children are living with Type 1 diabetes in Quebec, there are more and more children that are diagnosed each day;
  • Diabetes supplies and equipment (pumps. insulin, injection pens, etc.) cost a small fortune, namely an average of $5,000 per year – and this, on a lifetime basis;
  • Camp Carowanis, the only camp in Quebec specializing in Type 1 diabetes, which has welcomed – and changed the lives of – hundreds of children every summer for more than 55 years, is in need of restoration;
  • Thousands of families rely on the Foundation for support, guidance and resources.

Thank you for your generous support!