You make all the difference for diabetic children. You are all-important, vital, essential!

The needs of diabetic children are many. There is no respite from this disease. And we always want to do more for them. Such is why your donations are priceless. As a donor, you are taking concrete action and contributing directly to the cause.

We can never say it enough: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Thank you for helping us show thousands of Quebec families with diabetic children and teens that they are not alone.


Online DonationGive a 2-week stay at Camp Carowanis

Why donate?

  • Because it is estimated there are more than 4,000 children living with Type 1 diabetes in Quebec;
  • Because Type 1 diabetes remains incurable and unpreventable;
  • Because diabetes supplies and equipment (pumps. insulin, injection pens, etc.) cost a small fortune, namely an average of $5,000 per year – and this, for life;
  • Because Camp Carowanis, the only camp in Quebec specializing in Type 1 diabetes, which has welcomed – and changed the lives of – hundreds of children every summer for more than 55 years, is in need of restoration;
  • Because thousands of families rely on the Foundation for support, guidance and resources.

Thank you for your generous support!