The Foundation can count on a team of dedicated volunteers, including young leaders, former campers, parents, friends and allies who help us run Camp Carowanis and organize various activities.

Introducing a few of our valuable allies:



DANNY SÉNÉCALBackground: Danny was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was a teenager. Growing up, he was very active at Camp Carowanis, first as a camper, then as a leader, kitchen aid and monitor. Ever since, he has volunteered at many camp and Foundation activities, whether by taking the role of Santa Claus or by helping with postal campaigns. His devotion and contribution are truly precious for both organizations.

Motivation: Danny learned a lot, and met people who changed his life at the camp. He volunteers to pay it forward.



christine-robillardBackground: Christine is a devoted mother and teacher. Not only does she volunteer her time, while leading a busy life, but she also shares her expertise to a cause that is dear to her because her son Justin was diagnosed with diabetes. She’s involved in various Camp and Foundation activities and has also taken part in major fundraisers. In the summer of 2015, she even initiated the climb of the Kilimanjaro along with her son Justin and her daughter Maude, proving that with a good preparation, you can aim high. Her generosity and enthusiasm are very inspiring.

Motivation: Justin’s diagnosis was a shock for the family, but several positive things came out of it. Christine feels fortunate to be so well supported, which is why she wants to help other families who must provide care for diabetic children.



André-GauthierBackground: André first became involved through the Lions Club (District U-1), and is now Chairman of Camp Carowanis Board of Directors. For over 20 years, the Lions Club has been supporting the camp by donating time and money. However, their help goes far beyond these resources. André has been a firm supporter for over 10 years, and we are grateful for everything he has given us.

Motivation: Camp Carowanis must regularly renew its equipment and facilities for the children’s safety. This has become a priority for André and the Lions Club, who oversee site maintenance and renovation  work to make sure the children can have all the fun they deserve.