Our Mission

Since 1974, the Diabetic Children’s Foundation is supporting diabetic insulin-dependant children and teenagers and their family dealing with the daily challenges associated with Type 1 Diabetes.

The Foundation was created as a non-profit organisation with the following mission:

  • Support the operations and development activities of Camp Carowanis, a specialized camp for diabetic children and teenagers;
  • Develop and facilitate training and information sessions on pediatric diabetes;
  • Promote optimal care for diabetic children in Quebec.

While the hope for a cure remains constant, young diabetic patients are faced with tremendous needs. The Foundation strives to do everything it can to provide them with the support and tools they need to live balanced and fulfilling lives and to prevent late onset complications resulting from their condition.

To successfully control diabetes, families must constantly monitor and treat their children’s condition. They must provide daily and multiple insulin injections, regular glucose monitoring (blood sugar levels), balanced diets and pay special attention to hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia symptoms.

While waiting for research to find the long hoped for cure, young diabetics must deal with real challenges.

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Camp Carowanis: Creating Lasting Childhood Memories

The Diabetic Children’s Foundation gives hundreds of diabetic children and teenagers the opportunity to experience Camp Carowanis, which offers a specialized program, set in a beautifully enchanting area. At Camp Carowanis, guests enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities and sports while learning how to control their diabetes. The camp also provides parents with the respite care they need to rest and replenish their energy while their children are away at camp.

Learning, gathering, sharing

Different activities are held in Quebec throughout the year for children and their families. The Foundation organizes meetings, information and training sessions, networking activities, and charitable events. These activities are open to both families and healthcare professionals specialized in pediatrics and diabetes.